One recording. Dozens of marketing assets.

We help you convert your podcast episodes into beautiful, engaging promotional material for every platform.

“I’m publishing amazing podcast episodes every week. Why isn’t my show growing faster?”

That’s the question I hear over and over again from frustrated entrepreneurs and marketing leaders who are working their tails off to publish high quality episodes, but aren’t seeing the growth results they’d hoped for.

I was in the same place a few months ago, but then I had an epiphany…

When it comes to marketing content, most of us invest 80% of our time into creating the best work that we can, and only 20% of our time to sharing that work with the world.

If that’s the case, why are we so surprised (and disappointed) when we see a big spike in traffic/downloads/views on publish day, but a slow trickle of engagement from there on out?

The truth is, we need to move closer to a 50/50 distribution of our budget, time, and effort.

There are dozens of reasons your growth is being stifled by using a “spray and pray” approach:

  1. Your listeners are busy or distracted on the day that you publish
  2. People would love to learn from you, but they prefer reading to listening
  3. The social media algorithm only shows your post to 10% of your audience
  4. The topic isn’t interesting/important to them today, but it will be later this year
  5. And so many more…

When you take a minute to think about it, it makes so much sense.

And I’m not the only person who has come to this conclusion. A lot of the smartest marketing minds on the web are touting the benefits of “content atomization.”

“If you’re a podcaster, you should also be turning your podcasts into content. This way you can promote it on every platform”

– Neville Medhora (@nevmed)

I’d like to see more marketers fully leverage their podcasts. Create insightful blog posts, video snippets, and compelling quotes.

Ross Simmonds (@thecoolestcool)

Meet Castaway: A done-for-you podcast promotion and repurposing service for busy professionals.

When I realized that I was missing a huge opportunity by not republishing my podcast episodes across a variety of platforms and formats, I went straight to work building out processes and toolsets to help me get the most out of every piece.

I quickly found out that even though most steps are relatively simple, building out a comprehensive package of promotional assets and getting them scheduled on all of our platforms takes a lot of time.

You can probably guess what happened next…

Once I solved the problem for my own team, I realized there are probably hundreds of other people out there who “get it,” but don’t have the time or resources to make it happen.

Castaway is a done-for-you podcast promotion and repurposing service that is designed specifically for folks who want to maximize the value of every episode they publish.

We’ll make sure that your podcast gets in front of as many people as possible — so you can focus on doing your best work behind the mic.

Here’s why working with Castaway
is a smart investment.

Meet Your Customers Where They’re At

Most of your customers don’t spend a ton of time in a podcast player, which is why you need to take your best material and republish it through email, blog articles, and social media. That’s where they spend most of their day.

Give Your Podcast A Second Life

It’s normal to see a big spike in downloads/listens on publish day, but what happens after that? Resurfacing your old episodes helps you reach more prospective customers and subscribers when the time is right.

Focus On What You Do Best

What we do isn’t complex, but it is time-consuming and probably not the most valuable activity you can do. Spend more time behind the microphone (or taking sales calls) and we’ll be happy to handle the rest.

Clear ROI. No Long-Term Commitments.

You’ll know pretty quickly if our work is helping you grow your audience faster or generate more leads for your business. If it’s not, you’ll never be locked in to a subscription or long-term contract.

Service Offerings

The Bootstrapper’s

Lowest price, limited scope.

We’re big fans of early-stage companies and solopreneurs, so we created this “minimum viable” service offering to suit any budget.

  • 5+ social media posts
  • 1 recap thread
  • 3 audiograms/video clips
  • 1 email newsletter
  • 1 episode transcript


Great value, mid-range option.

Get everything you need to maximize the impact of each episode you publish. Available per episode or as a subscription.

  • 10+ social media posts
  • 2 recap threads
  • 5 audiograms/video clips
  • 5 quote/stat graphics
  • 1 email newsletter
  • 1 episode transcript
  • 1 promo kit for your guest/host

Podcast Repurposing

Comprehensive, premium choice.

Get all of the promotional assets you need and an seo-focused blog article that can help you attract organic traffic going forward.

  • 10+ social media posts
  • 2 recap threads
  • 5 audiograms/video clips
  • 5 quote/stat graphics
  • 1 email newsletter
  • 1 episode transcript
  • 1 promo kit for your guest/host
  • 1 SEO-focused blog article

You’re probably wondering…

What kind of shows are a good fit for Castaway?

Our service works best with shows that are at least 20-30 minutes per episode and have some kind of educational component to them. We won’t work with shows that cover “contentious” topics or focus on social commentary like politics, religion, or entertainment/news.

What should I expect to pay, and how often?

We’re still nailing down our prices, but there are two pricing models – bundles and subscription. There are discounted rates available for larger/longer-term commitments.

BUNDLES: 4, 8, or 12-episode packages are available. These are perfect for working through your archives or for season-based podcasts.

SUBSCRIPTION: Month-to-month or 3/6/12-month prepaid packages are available. These are perfect for shows with a regular, open-ended publishing model.

How much time and effort is required from me/my team?

We try to make this as frictionless as possible for you and your team.

During onboarding, we’ll collect reusable promo assets like your logo, brand colors/fonts, tone of voice, etc.

After we’ve established your account, your involvement is generally limited to submitting the audio/video files for handling and providing editorial approval for our work.

Of course, if you have specific ideas or areas you’d like us to focus on, we would love to incorporate those thoughts into the final product at any time.

What is the typical turnaround time for each episode?

You should expect a turnaround of five (5) business days for the “Podcast Promotion” package and a 7-10 business day turnaround for the “Podcast Repurposing” package.

Can you help me with editing my show audio as well?

Yes! We aren’t audio experts, but we’ve connected with a couple of professional editing services that we trust (and use ourselves) and can offer podcast editing services for an additional fee.

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